Postek G3000e Industrial Printer (300 dpi)

The optimized design of the printhead module, the innovative left-right structure and the patented convective heat transfer forge a highly reliable G series printer that is capable of handling wide ranges of consumables and heavy-duty printing work.

The G series printer carries all the advantages of conventional industrial label printers with added advantage of significant space and cost savings.




  • Heat Equalizing Algorithm Technique
  • Printhead pressure and ribbon tension adjustment
  • Easy Adjustment of ribbon tension
  • National patented “Convection Heat Transfer”
  • Left & Right structured Industrial level performance
  • Bearings reduce wear and friction and ensure durability
  • Heat Equalizing Algorithm Technique Super Definition 600dpi TPH
  • Precise positioning allows super small labels’ R/W
  • Innovative antenna module design R/W after thermal Printing
  • Intellectually finds the antenna position by one button press
  • Highest Print Speed: 6ips
  • Maximum Print Width: 106mm
  • Maximum Print Length: 4000mm
  • Printing resolution: 300dpi