Brother e-Redemption

In the self-redemption system, the customer can submit their serial number, purchase receipt and upload the serial number picture in the website then process their spins to get the gift. After the spinning wheel, system will email the customer the voucher to redeem the gift from the counter.

In over-counter gift redemption, it will allow user who are eligible for promotional gifts to have staff process their redemption and spin. In this system, admin can specify under a campaign which product are eligible for gifts and the configuration of number of spin and which normal gifts and their quantity.

There are 3 type of redeemable gift : Spins where customer will given number of chances to spin a configured wheel of prized for the specific campaign, Normal Gift are gifts where customer are given gifts without requiring any spin and Discretionary Gift are gifts where staff can decide on the quantity to give an eligible customer up to a set limit.